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Peter Hansen Yacht Brokers is a Boating Industry Association  Accredited Marine Brokerage with a long history of sales success. We know the market and we work for you to achieve the best possible price for your boat. We have a reputation for quality, personal service, honesty and integrity, and for having one of the best advertising and marketing platforms in the industry.

Our Sales Process – The Beginning

Our friendly brokers make the sales process straight forward and stress free. The process begins with a meeting with our broker to discuss the desired outcome of the sale. We want to know about you and your boat and find out as much as we can.  Buyers love to know more about a boat than just its specifications, they want to know its history and story.

Inspection and Market Valuation

Every boat is different and so we take our time to carefully go over the boat with you and take a detailed inventory so we know exactly what the boat is.  We will also provide you with our recommendations on what you should arrange to have done to get the boat ready for sale. It might need a polish or a new set of clears etc, either you can do these or we can arrange to have them done for you.  Afterwards we will sit with you and go over what we believe is a realistic market expectation and agree on a listing price.


Getting the marketing right for your boat is vitally important.  What makes your boat stand out from the crowd of other boats on the market? Maybe it is its history or its condition, whatever it is we need to use that to gain a buyers attention and match what they are looking for.

We will arrange to take photos of the boat to show as realistic as possible what the prospective buyers will see.  If appropriate we will add walk through videos and drone footage of the boat in action to highlight certain features of the boat. It is very important that we represent the boat in its best light but also as accurately as possible.

Before we list we will go over the boat again and make any additional recommendations on how you should present the boat. The first impression the buyer has of the boat counts for a lot!

Next step is to list the boat on all the major Australian boat sales sites as well as our own and if warranted on selected international sites.  Once listed we will use specific social media advertising to get to our target market.

Sales Enquiries and Negotiation

Now that your boat advertising is up and running we will field and handle each and every enquiry.  Each prospective purchaser will be qualified to make sure that they are a good fit for your boat.  Inspections will be arranged and managed by us personally and any specific feedback on the boat will be communicated back to you.   There is no normal or average number of enquiries for a boat but we record everyone so that you have a clear understanding of what the level of interest and activity is in your boat.

Once an offer has been made we will prepare a contract with that offer and present it to you.  While negotiations can be stressful we will work with you and the purchaser to arrive at an agreement that is the best outcome for both parties.  When a final agreement has been reached we will receive a 10% deposit from the purchaser and organise the survey and sea trial.

Settlement and After Sales Support

When the purchaser is satisfied with the survey and sea trial and any outstanding items have been completed we will proceed to settlement.  The final payment will be received into our trust account and will have you sign paperwork transferring clear title of the boat to the purchaser.  The balance of the funds, less the agreed commission, will then be transferred to you along with a settlement statement.

Post sale we will will work with the purchaser to ensure that they are assisted in every way to learn all that they need to know about their new boat and we offer complimentary training should they need it.  Ongoing servicing and maintenance can then be arranged if the purchaser wants it.

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