QLD Member COVID update: advice from Qld Gov regarding fishing

3 August 2021

BIA has received the following advice with regards to fishing from the Queensland Government, confirmed by Queensland Health.

If you are in a locked down area, you must stay home and only leave your home for an essential reason.

The current advice is that you should not go fishing unless you can demonstrate that it is absolutely necessary to obtain essential food and that you can do so within a 10km radius from your home.

Recreational boating is not permitted during lockdown.

Qld Health recommend not to fish for food during the lockdown to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 at launch points.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers patrol waterways and fishing rules remain in place.

Keep an eye out on the Queensland Health webpage for updates.

As the lockdown in NSW and QLD continues, impacting so many people and businesses across the country, we are all facing the harsh reality that we need to plan for, and work around, restrictions for quite some time to come.

Vaccination is clearly a pathway out and will return us to a more normal life. More information at health.gov.au

Please stay healthy and safe.


The BIA Team