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Professional Concierge Services For Every Vessel

Professional Shoreside Support Services

Our goal is to make boat ownership as simple and stress free as possible and the best way to help you enjoy your boat is to take care of it for you! We offer an a-la-carte menu of services for you to choose from that suit your life style and budget, from arranging to refuel your boat so you don’t have to line up on the weekend all the way through to arranging a full refit.

We use a select group of high quality trades to do the work on your vessel under our supervision and guidance to ensure the right outcome at the best value for you. We will pick your boat up from your dock and deliver it back once we have the job finished with most routine annual services completed within a week including antifoul, engines and a full boat polish and detail.

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Our Preferred Service Location

Boat Works at Coomera is our preferred service location with individual sheds available to house each boat, ensuring a clean work space, 24 hour access and no delays due to weather.

Our pricing is transparent as well, we receive a ten percent discount from our trades and our management fee is simply that, ten percent. This way you are paying no more than if you had done all the running around yourself. The difference is that we take out the hassle and stress of maintaining your boat.

Your One Stop Shop For Service


We ensure that your vessel is topped up, refuelled and ready to go when you need it so you can enjoy being out on the water sooner.

Pick Up And Delivery

We pick up and deliver your vessel from its dock location so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting your boat from A to B.


We organise servicing for your vessel so you can keep your pride and joy operating properly and looking great out on the water.

Antifoul And Detailing

We organise antifoul and detailing for your boat so it stays in top condition both in and out of the water and ready for you to enjoy.


Organising repairs for your vessel is not a problem! We will get it to the workshop, oversee the repairs and return it to you in excellent condition.

Saving you Time and Money

Our team manages all the work on your boat to ensure that we have the jobs completed professionally and on time so you get to enjoy your boat more!

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