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Professional Boat Servicing And Maintenance For Every Marine Vessel

Servicing And Maintenance

There are lots of different parts and equipment on a boat that provide the comfort of a home away from home, all of which need regular servicing to ensure that they perform properly. A little regular maintenance can go a long way to preventing expensive and inconvenient failures.

Too often a perfect day or weekend has been spoiled by the failure of something that we take for granted like a toilet or a fridge. Having these checked and serviced regularly helps you to enjoy the limited amount of leisure time that is available in your busy lifestyle.

Engines and gensets need a service either every twelve months or a specific number of hours of use to keep them running per specifications. Other areas of your vessel should at least be checked annually to ensure proper working order shipwide. We use factory qualified or specially trained qualified trades people to look after all of these critical components to ensure your boat stays in top condition.

Boat Detailing Services

Boats live in one the harshest environments on earth and need regular care, even more than the cars we drive, to ensure that they not only look good but so they don’t deteriorate in the salt and sun. We recommend and use the Dulon Marine range of boat care products which is the number one boat polish and paint protection system in Europe.

These products are specifically designed for fibreglass and paintwork in the marine environment and provide best in class results. We work directly with the importer of these products to ensure that your boat will always look its best. While everyone can see the outside of your boat,  the inside including all the areas under the floor (the bilges), need to be maintained as well so that expensive components such as air conditioning units, pumps, engines, electrical connections and the like are all kept in great working order.

Dulon Marine Brochure

Antifouling and PropSpeed Services

Boats spend a lot of their lives sitting stationary in the water waiting to be called upon for a weekend getaway or fishing trip. Therefore, selecting the right antifoul is critical and depends on the type of vessel you own and how you use it. This ensures you get the longest life and best performance out of your vessel. Once we understand the unique way in which you use your boat we will pick the matching antifoul and have it applied professionally.

PropSpeed has been a revolution in the boating industry allowing a vessel’s running gear (propellers, shafts and rudders) to stay free of growth and perform the job they were designed for. You can currently get two to three years between antifouls and PropSpeed applications on fast planing hull boats when using superior products, so if you aren’t getting this out of your boat then talk to us and lets see if we can help!

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