Boat Refitting Services

Professional Refitting Services For Every Vessel

Boat Repair Services

Unfortunately, boats tend to get more bumps and scratches than cars on the road, and these things can certainly detract from the appearance and value of your vessel. Fixing them sooner rather than later is the best way to prevent further damage and expensive repairs down the track. A missing screw in a deck can lead to serious water damage over time and tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs, which probably won’t be covered by insurance.

Luckily, we provide professional boat refitting and boat repair services that will allow your vessel to get back out on the open water. From minor fixes to major repairs,  we will ensure your boat is well looked after so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come!

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Boat Restoration And Upgrades

Do you need to add a new cupboard, a table on your back deck or need to replace the plumbing in your boat? We provide complete boat refitting and boat restorations and upgrades so that you can look cool in your classic or enjoy the upgrades you have always dreamed of. From interior furnishings to exterior accessories we aim to improve upon your existing vessel or restore your pride and joy to its former glory. Nothing is impossible for our trained team of professionals!

Our Professional Shipwrights
Oversee Every Detail

Our highly experienced shipwrights are able to take on all repair, upgrade and restoration tasks to get your boat looking its best once more. From repairing scratches and bumps to drafting and refitting your interior they will ensure that you receive quality workmanship and service.

Our shipwrights are knowledgeable in all the construction, engineering and physics of many vessels which enables them to perform quality repairs and upgrades so your boat flies throught the water and provides you with the comforts of a home away from home!

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Peter Hansen Yacht Brokers are proud members of the Boating Industry Association. For your peace of mind, we recommend you only deal with BIA members when purchasing or selling your boat.

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